I was born in Malta in 1983  but currently make my home  in Berlin, Germany. 

How I got into Illustration...

I'm an entirely self-taught artist. I got into the business of making art for other people through love, practice and a lot of chutzpah. I got my first illustration job at 19, doing a scholastic children's book. They took a chance on me - and it panned out. It put work in my portfolio and I've been working full time as an artist ever since. 


I switched paints and easel for pixel-pushing ten years ago and now I work exclusively digitally in Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom tablet, or on the Ipad Pro in Procreate, using styles that go from collage-like to painterly and etching-style. 


In 2008 my children's novel Xi Mkien Iehor  (in Maltese language) was published by Merlin Publishers in Malta. I am currently working on a children's book, due to be finished February 2017. 


Meluseena's look is very specific and differs a little for my highly adaptive illustrative style or random artistic side-projects. I have been working on this body of emotion-themed personal work for almost ten years.

Though primarily an online shop run by myself, Meluseena artworks have been adopted by publishing firms for poster lines and specific lines of homewares by a variety of brands, notably La La Land in Australia, and also stocked by indie boutiques all over the world.


2016: Best Illustrator in 0-7 age category for 'Mingu' awarded by the Malta National Book Council  
2016: Best illustrator in 8-12 category for 'Irvin Vella: Il Kaz Manduca'   awarded by the Malta National Book Council  

Selected Clients

American Greetings (Publishing House)
Bloom & Fade, USA (App development)
Image Conscious (Publishing House)
Merlin Publishers, Malta (Publishing House)
La La Land, Australia (Publishing House)
Liberation Music, Australia (Recording Label)
Little M Books, USA, (Publishing House)
Poorhouse Publishing, USA (Publishing house)

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