I love creatively experimenting with new fields of expression.
Although I'm mostly known for a specific kind of illustration, that is far from all I do.

Here's a quick snapshot of assorted projects

Moth & BayLeaf

From 2010 to 2012 I ran an eccentric-accessories brand 'Moth And BayLeaf' focused on creating headpieces and accroutements for the weird and wonderful. I collaborated with stylists, photographers and fashion venues to catalogue display and sell my creations.


Over the past decade I've written heaps of flash fiction, notably 50-word-stories. While relegated to a variety of blogs and incarnated only as still imagery and text, in 2011 they gave  rise to collaborations with two projects, Kenneth Young's spoken-word experiments and experimental musician Agitated Radio Pilot's use of my micro-fiction as lyrics for my story 'Lovin he Eskimo' and 'Bird/There'

All the bite-sized stories and poems can still be found on their original blog and as Flash Wounds, the newer instagram incarnation.