Looking for an illustrator for your project?

I'm a straight-shooter and a perfectionist. Here's what some people I've worked with have to say about me.


"Lisa is one of the most talented artists I've had the pleasure of working with; not only is she an extraordinarily skilled illustrator and designer, she also brings her own wonderful ideas to the table. Her ability to take a story or concept and convert it into gorgeous pictures makes her an invaluable contribution to any project. With Lisa on-board, we were able to take our story and illuminate it through images that simply popped right off the page. She's a true professional and one who can bring your vision to life!" ---

Jennifer Schwed, creative director, Through The Fourth Wall Media productions


"Working with Lisa is a dream. She’s a professional in the true sense of the word, she will absorb a brief and become an integral member of the team for the project at hand. She’s extremely versatile, we’ve worked together on countless projects and each has a unique style to it. Lisa will discuss with us the possibilities, what style fits the particular manuscript, and can always be relied on to think and create outside the box. My authors love working with her.

As publisher, I feel that a book with Lisa Falzon’s name on it as illustrator will give the book added value in terms of art quality and freshness.

And, oh, she delivers on time (anyone involved in publishing will appreciate how worth its weight in gold that one is). No wonder she’s become a cult name in Malta for book illustration. "

Chris Gruppetta, director of publishing, Merlin Publishers


  • Book covers and interior illustrations for children's books
  • Artwork created specifically for the iPad/ iPad storybooks
  • Art created  for homeware items (bunting, greeting cards, stationary, clothing)
  • Storyboarding from script
  • Concept artwork - character and environment creation
  • CD artwork and sleeves
  • Digital collage portraiture for author and musician bios
  • Artwork for stop-animation
  • Development of artwork for brands and entrepreneurs

Special Interests

  • Modern issue topics
  • Topics that are subversive or somehow challenge the status-quo
  • Deal with fantasy worlds/inner worlds
  • Topics about inner strength, growth, alternative healing
  • Animals, the environment, the planet
  • Innovative formats or display (pop up, ipad app)

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